Pre-Trip Prep

Planning for a backcountry trip can feel like a daunting task.

We anticipate that you will have a lot of questions about your trip, particularly since our packages are highly customized to meet your personal situation and expectations.

Please contact us and we will have one of our senior team members contact you within 24 hours so we can ensure your highest satisfaction.

We have outlined a few of the things you’ll want to be sure to include not to forget.

International travel requirements

A passport is required to cross the Canadian border. For current information (particularly DUI's) please visit Government of Canada’s website, or US Bureau of Consular Affairs.


We HIGHLY recommend you purchase both cancellation insurance and special medical evacuation insurance. It is affordable and well worth it as a safeguard against unforeseen circumstances.

Special Food requirements

Please fill out your confirmation form if you have special food requirements we will need to know BEFORE you show up.

Getting here

Most international guests opt to fly into Spokane, WA, and take the 3 hours drive north to Canada. Please see our section on Getting Here.

What to bring

Please review your pre-trip package that we send you with your receipts via email. This will explain in detail the items we supply, and what you should bring to make your trip the most enjoyable it can be. Please contact us if you did not receive it.

Cell phones are permitted in the field now, also they MUST be in airplane mode during the day, or they will inhibit the proper functioning of your avalanche transceiver, resulting in a liability to the group's safety.  For this reason, we prefer you bring a camera to capture memories in the field.


Skiing can easily become an addiction and the diehards begin training months in advance to prepare for the next season. Your skiing or riding skills should allow you to ski expert runs at ski hills without falling. In the wilderness, conditions vary from day to. You must be comfortable with traversing, with riding the trees and skiing deep powder and its less forgiving variations. We suggest you try a few days a one of our local ski areas before you come skiing or riding with us so you have a chance to get used the local conditions.


Although tipping is not automatically added to your bill, the staff earns a substantial part of income in this fashion. If you feel that the service was exceptional please feel free to include a gratuity at the end of your ski trip. Cash tips are always the preferred method, so it’s good to plan for that in advance. All staff will be made aware of your contribution.  Clients often ask about the apprioriate tip for such an adventure.  While any amount  is very much appreciated, the staff work tirelessly to see that your every need is met.  Typically, in the high end industry of the heli skiing, 5-10% of the total trip value is commonly added.

Carry-on items

Always Pack your ski/snowboard boots as carry-on items. We do not rent boots. We can replace everything else here, but not the boots!

Travel Accommodations

Visit our links. To take a look at recommended accommodations offering discounts when you stay with us, or to see special local attractions please visit our links.