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Snowcat Ski Touring

Dropped off at the top in the morning, picked up at the end of the day.

That is the new format here at Mountain Ski. We want you to save your energy and time for skiing in our tenure. That is what we designed our ski program around: getting a "bump" up in the morning. From your first run you can set the skin track and then yo-yo your way through the terrain. Once you have feasted on all the vertical your body (and daylight!) will allow, our snowcat is ready to pick you up and transport you back to our lakeside lodge.

Trips at Mountain Ski range from 3 Day, 4 Day to 7 Day. Our lodge houses 12 guests at a time (each in their own private room) so it makes for an intimate experience with a high staff-to-guest ratio.

The terrain at Mountain Ski is varied and natural. All of the terrain is naturally gladed with ridges accessing a plethora of unique and exciting terrain. We have something for every skier's taste with open bowls, perfectly spaced trees, terrain features and ridgelines.

Our touring systems are set up in a way that they are inviting to seasoned backcountry travelers and newbies alike. We want to make the backcountry accessible to as many people as we can.

Heli option - we will be offering a heli-bump option for an extra cost for those who are interested. More info on that coming soon...